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Tobacco and Health Quiz

1. What proportion of deaths in the Worlds Health Organisation's European region is caused by tobacco ?
a) 5 %
b) 9 %
c) 14 %


3) What proportion of lung cancer deaths are smoking related ?
a) About haif
b) At least three quarters
c) All


5) What proportion of Lung Cancer caused by tobacco smoke ?
a) 60 - 90 %
b) 30 - 50 %
c) Less than 30 %


7) Smokers are only harming themselves .Is This.
a) True
b) False


9) Professor Sir Richard Peto has estimated that in the 20th century about 100 million smokers worldwide died as a result of their smoking.If current trends continue, how many will die in the 21st century ?
a) 400 million
b) 600 million
c) 900 million
2) In the European region as a whole how many people aged between 35 - 69 years die each year as a result of smoking ?
a) 200.000
b) 450,000
c) 750,000


4) Once lung cancer has been diagnosed someone has :
a) a very poor chance of living anather 5 years .
b) a good chance of survival with prompt, appropriate treatment
c) a 50 / 50 chance of recovery .


6) A smoker who has smoked for more than 25 years has probably incurred so much damage that there is little point in stopping.Is this true or false ?
a) True
b) False


8) Women smokers who stop before pregnancy have babies of the same birthweight as women who have never smoked. It this true or false ?
a) True
b) False


10) Smokers do not take any notice of health of health professionals telling them to stop. Is this true or false ?
a) True
b) False